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AC Compressor Not Working

AC Compressor Not Working - Now What?

AC Compressor Not Working

Air conditioning systems are a great way to keep your home cool and comfortable, but sometimes they can act up. When this happens, you may need to have your air conditioning unit examined to diagnose and repair the problem. Common issues that can cause AC compressors to stop working or not turn on include blown fuses, tripped circuit breakers, broken thermostats, and dirty or clogged air filters, so if your AC compressor not working, start there.

Diagnose Why Your AC Compressor Not Working

In order to diagnose the problem, you’ll want to examine the unit. Start by checking the circuit breaker, which is usually located in the main electrical panel. If the breaker has tripped, you’ll need to reset it. If the breaker trips again after you reset it, you’ll need to contact a qualified electrician to investigate the problem.

Next, check the thermostat to make sure it’s working properly. If it’s not, you may need to replace it. You should also check the fuses to make sure they’re not blown. If you find a blown fuse, replace it with a new one.

Finally, check the air filters. If they’re clogged or dirty, they may be preventing air from flowing through the unit, causing the compressor to stop working. Clean or replace the filters according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

If you’ve checked all of these components and still can’t get the compressor to work, you may need to call a professional. A technician can examine the unit and make sure everything is working correctly. They can also inspect the unit for any signs of damage, such as leaking refrigerant, worn or faulty wiring, or other problems that could be causing the compressor to stop working.

If you’re having trouble with your air conditioning unit and need to have it examined, it’s important to contact a qualified technician. A technician has the experience and knowledge to accurately diagnose the problem and make the necessary repairs. They can also identify any potential problems that could cause the compressor to stop working in the future.

By taking the time to examine your air conditioning unit, you can help ensure that it continues to run efficiently and reliably. Whether you’re dealing with a blown fuse, a tripped circuit breaker, a broken thermostat, or dirty air filters, it’s important to find the root cause of the issue and take the necessary steps to fix it. If you’re unable to diagnose the problem yourself, don’t hesitate to contact a professional. They can help you get your AC unit up and running again in no time. And, if needed, we can also provide you with a new AC compressor and expert installation.

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