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Home COVID Decontamination

Home COVID Decontamination Starts with Your AC

Home COVID Decontamination

Since 2020, protecting yourself and your family has become a priority to many people, but did you know that you could be bringing COVID into your home without even realizing it? It's true. Your AC system is constantly pulling in exterior air, and family members could be carrying particles of the disease on themselves and unknowingly bring it into your home. Luckily, there are solutions designed to help decontaminate your interior air, and you can find the best home COVID decontamination strategy for you at Max Cool Air Conditioning & Heating. To learn more about how we can disinfect your air and help you prevent the spread of COVID at your home, please call our experts today!

Our Home COVID Decontamination Solutions

From our wide range of IAQ (indoor air quality) solutions to our total system total system tune-up, we have disinfecting products and services to meet any need. We are experts at all things indoor air quality, and we can help you improve the quality of your indoor air - while stopping COVID in its tracks.

The first step in combating COVID is realizing that your AC system could be circulating COVID throughout your home unbeknownst to you. Since COVID is an airborne illness, your AC system can bring COVID particles into your home during its normal operation. And, if you've had the unfortunate experience of having COVID - or a family member living within the home has - your AC system could begin circulating those highly viral strains throughout every square inch of your home putting the rest of your family at risk.

As part of a complete home COVID disinfection, we can install air purification systems directly into your AC system to help eliminate viruses like COVID, as well as bacteria, pollen, and other health hazards. We have several options from which to choose and can install your system in a single visit. And, if you want to take it a step further, opt for duct sanitation to ensure that your ductwork is clean and COVID free from the start.

Schedule Your Home COVID Decontamination Evaluation & Consultation Today

Our team has worked with families and businesses all over Brandon, Ruskin, Sun City, Apollo Beach, Gibsonton, and beyond to help eliminate COVID transfer, and we can help prevent COVID from taking over your home. Contact us today to learn more!

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